India – Reliable Destination For Treatment Of Cancer And Neurological Disorders

For many years now, people have had this apprehension that overseas locations are apt for treatment of dreaded diseases like cancer or sensitive surgeries and treatments related to brain. But, the times have changed and changed for good. India is now a budding destination for medical tourism. People from abroad are seeking medical services here, against their own countries as well, due to the immense benefits they get, one of the major being costing. India offers high quality medical services at a comparatively lesser expenditures. Particularly, when it is about critical diseases like cancer or neuro surgeries for that matter, India offers highly qualified and experienced medical professionals and state of the art facilities, that too at low prices.

Having said that, even now people, rather affluent people in India, do opt for medical services abroad against home, primarily the celebrities. Though, the reasons for the same may vary from person to person, for celebrities its more of the privacy part. Now, if you are amongst the ones who believe that cancer and neurological treatments outside India are more reliable than in India, then, here a few points to help you clear fog on the same.

Present day, India is one of the most sought after destinations for treatment of cancer due to  the enormous advantages it offers. Here is run down a few of benefits of cancer and neuro-treatments in India, over abroad.

There are umpteen doctors in India who are professionally qualified and are experienced as well. Also, there have been many progress in the field of Neurology as well as Cancer in India over the past decade. There are many oncologists to choose from as compared to abroad where the number of oncologists is very low as compared to the patient influx, making oversees treatment expensive due to the shortfall of cancer specialists. As for neurology, the case remains the same, more or less.

There are many hospitals in India which offer at par services be it infrastructure, hygiene, latest equipment and more.Furthermore,the advanced medicines released abroad are released in India at the same time, thus, procuring the latest in medicine is not a big deal, nowadays.

As it is, paying it in dollars makes any treatment of the same cost around 60 -70 times higher and when it is about critical illness like cancer or any sensitive neurological treatments, it undoubtedly costs a fortune. On an average, critical illness treatment abroad could cost almost 500 to 600 times of what it would cost in India. So, at the cost front, India is extremely pocket friendly compared to oversees.

Particularly for Indians, living at home is an advantage against living in a new unknown destination. With near and dear ones around, it’s also psychological advantage of a kind. Anyone, would rather prefer to be around family and friends, while dealing with critical illnesses of body or brain.

In a nutshell, whether you live in India or abroad, considering the aforementioned points, seeking treatment for critical diseases in India, would definitely be a good idea .

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